“A Portrait in Grey” by Ankita Sharma

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Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

A Portrait in Grey

On top of my imported ebony desk
Preserved in a crystal picture frame,
Like a cute butterfly in a formalin jar,
A photograph sits like an old medal,
And when the lively sun glances at it,
It glitters like a merry new bride,
Only if I pull up my silk curtains
Half-buried on my Persian cushion,
I gaze at her as a rich child looks
At puppies frolicking on the street—
From a window of a high rise.

I pay her a closer look again;
Two missing teeth in a wide smile,
Careless ponytail tilting to one side—
Frock with frills and laces and ribbons
All trapped in that one click as though
Some fleeting romance in a poem,
A kitten sits beside her too,
A white & black ball of fuzz,
It has no grey; they knew no grey,
Breeze pats her hair and
Cool waves of that small pond,
Where she stands grinning for no reason,
Stroke her muddy feet,
Where is she now?
Where has she strayed and
Why does she brood?
Did she lean back on embellished cushions?
Or buried in files on an ebony desk
In her cozy urban penthouse?
Why does she keep her silk curtains pulled?
Why does she fear the lively light of the sun?

Her blacks and whites have merged
Into a shallow grey that appears deep,
She is now a portrait of success—
A portrait of triumph but
Sketched in grey.




Ankita Sharma is a writer and an artist, who resides in Faridabad, India and has authored four titles. Her poetry has been published in the BRAG Magazine (UK), Versification Zine (upcoming), Kingz Daily (Upcoming Dec First week), and LakdiKaPul-II and III. Her artworks have appeared on the cover pages of a few Indian and international titles. Her latest novel, “The Linear Tide” is available on Amazon. She stays active on Instagram @ankita.s.26 and Twitter @AnkitaSharma_26

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