“In Memoriam; Eaa Emmanuel Uhuaami David” by Délé Adélàmí

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Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

In Memoriam; Eaa Emmanuel Uhuaami David

Once-a-waver now plays a dumb portrait,
In roses, garment, socks, and wooden cave,
The ghostless clown slides downward the moving train of fate,
Oh! Once-a-waver; his fellows sent forth and eventually did wave.


Once-a-waver whispers now a song of old in a heart-burn embrace of an open lea,
As if he alone strikes many cords of guitarre in the far end of the echoic Nile,
Even if thy vase is hot and its many roses are dead-grey, put no tears to sea
For thy sad humor towards the knob bearer may sail thee over the echoic Nile.


Like a ray from the heavens, our dripping hearts lit your blurry path,
As thy sleeveless gown blows with thy sinless pride,
And thy immortal hands strikes thee a choral crwth,
If the evening watchman receives, swing thy wings like the misty morning tide.




Délé Adélàmí is an emerging Nigerian literary artist; poet, satirist, playwright, photographer, an art aesthetician: and also, he is the founder and editor-in-chief of the River Bird Magazine. Some of his works have appeared in different literary magazines (both local and international). He currently studies English and Literary Studies at Kogi State University (as at the year 2020), but residentially writes from Ondo State, Nigeria. As a result of his passion for art, he revolutionalizes literature as not just a genre of content, but of the form (aesthetic beauty of art) and tries to refill the long-lasting dichotomy between language and meaning (semantics).

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13 Replies to ““In Memoriam; Eaa Emmanuel Uhuaami David” by Délé Adélàmí”

  1. Wow! What a great piece we have here, by our own blood, literary guru and writer. I can’t but say that this piece captures my mind, chilling it as ice, as it slowly carries me to see symbols and images, that portray his ideas.
    Hm, this poem, may I say, has African symbols and images, contained in it.

  2. A lovely well written poem, and so inspiring. Thanks for writing about David the department sweetheart. I do miss him…

  3. Your choice of words is captivating, you have done justice to the subject matter, your use of imagery is wonderful too… Keep it up, the sky is your starting point

  4. A well written and lovely poem. It reminds me of David, he was the department sweetheart. Thanks for this write up.

  5. “Once a waver now dust kissed him whole”

    This is beautiful, touching, astonishing and saddening.

    You’re incredible, Lami.

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