“Tango” by Blessing C. Onyekachi

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Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash


How mysterious is this music?
Like the lips, it brings two together;
The tears that clouded the eyes—
That which selfishly interprets

How ensnaring is the music of tango?
With unhurried intricate footwork,
The body sways slowly
From side to side; and white beads glitter peculiarly.
In dismay, the feet set off at a frantic pace.

Now you see how stupidity ruined thee;
I thought you knew, but you never did;
The beauty of the deep blue sea lies in its depth;
The boat of greedy fishers will assess the wrath of the wave.

How stupid was it to dance with shoes?
See the disastrous sequel of thy rapacity,
And how selfish hatred crushed thy roses;
That which matters in the eyes.

Now you can put off thy shoes,
And dance the tango from within.
Let your strength be like a hook,
So thy fall will not be great.





Blessing C. Onyekachi hails from Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. Onyekachi obtained his National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology from Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Nigeria, and he’s currently studying for Higher National Diploma in Microbiology at Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Nigeria. He’s an upcoming writer who loves nothing but to express ideas in writing through his imagination. Writing is not just his passion, but his career.

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